Monday, June 9, 2014

Design Improvements and a Manufacturing Update

Newest link to Assembly of Your Signal Enhancer

We want to give you an update on our Signal Enhancer manufacturing progress as we work toward shipping finished parts.  We've made a bunch of improvements to the design we demonstrated in our Indiegogo videos and we wanted to get as many of them as possible into our first fabrication run.  Many of our recent refinements appear in the bridge (the piece that connects the Signal Enhancer itself to the piece that holds your phone) and the stand.  As you can see below, we're now making bridges with our final design in production quantities.

But wait, there's more!  The stand, which initially wasn't as stable as we wanted and which was manufactured in China, is now much, much more solid, made in the USA, and it also serves as a spare bridge in case your first bridge suffers any sort of damage!  The new bridge-stand pair, seen in the below photo, provides a much better platform for the Signal Enhancer and your phone, keeping the parts you care about properly aligned and protected.

We also improved the geometry of the Signal Enhancer itself, adjusting the alignment between the disc and the phone to make it easier to optimize signal gain.  We're fabricating all of these pieces now and putting them together in the most convenient and secure packaging method we can devise as we prepare for shipment.  We expect to send Signal Enhancers to our supporters by the end of the month.  We can't wait!


  1. Thanks for the update! I look forward to receiving my signal enhancer and testing it out!

  2. Just wondering about the latest update. Do you have an expected ship date?

  3. Android App? Looks to me to be radio silence on this issue.There was no info in the package, nothing. It's very frustrating and frankly irresponsible to not tell contributors and backers where the app is or what the status is. I hope our developer is okay and that nothing's happened to him. I'm sure you and the rest of us funders just want the app so we can use the product we received. Can somebody please reply to the crowdfunging campaign with an update on the app PLEASE? Thank you. I look forward to using this in a remote, very low signal area during deer camp this year.