Monday, April 7, 2014

We Hit Our Initial Funding Target on Indiegogo!

A lot has happened with our funding campaign in the last few weeks.  First, we moved to Indiegogo, where we were able to guarantee shipment of Signal Enhancers regardless of whether we hit our funding target.  But then we surpassed our target, making the point moot!  Thanks to all our supporters for helping us reach our initial funding goal.

For those who haven’t read our product information:
Everyone who contributed will receive at least one DOTS911 Signal Enhancer and a mobile signal finder app.  Those signal enhancers will increase mobile phone signal strength by up to 15 dB, making it possible to place phone calls in areas that normally show no useable signal.  This Signal Enhancing hardware requires no power source, has no wires, and functions with every commercially available mobile phone and every currently active mobile service provider.  The same signal strength improvement has also been found to dramatically increase mobile phone data transfer rates.  In home use, DOTS911 Signal Enhancers have enabled 40x increases in data transfer rates and have been demonstrated improving call clarity in areas with marginal signal, a problem faced by many homeowners with stucco walls or signal occlusion by nearby geographical features or buildings.

The DOTS911 mobile signal finder app leads users from an area with no mobile service to the nearest location where they can make a phone call.  We’ve primarily described this feature in the context of emergency situations.  The inspiration behind our suite of mobile signal locator and Signal Enhancer products was the story of James Kim, a cnet reporter who died in Oregon after getting stranded in the snow.  Kim, whose family survived the ordeal, was unable to call for help with his mobile phone because he was unable to find a working signal.  When we investigated the site of the Kim tragedy, we found that the family’s car was stuck only a quarter mile from a working mobile phone signal.  The problem for James, and for thousands of others who die in the same situation each year, was that there’s nothing on the market that will tell you where to go to find a signal when you start in a dead zone.  The DOTS911 signal finder app was designed to address this need, pointing lost or trapped hikers, cyclists, and drivers to the nearest working phone service in an emergency.

Again, thanks to our supporters.  For those of you who haven’t bought our products, go ahead and do so at  While there, you can also learn a lot more about how our products work, what they do, and why you should seriously consider using them.  You can also read the other posts on this blog for demonstrations.  If you like yourself or anyone else, it’s a good idea to equip those people with Signal Enhancers and our app: it’s like an extra life you can carry around in your car.


  1. How is production progressing? The IndieGoGo page shows an estimated delivery of "May 2014" for rewards... are you still on target for this? I know there's still the full month to go, but it would be better to let your supporters know BEFORE the end of the deadline if there have been any production/fulfillment delays :)

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