Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Time User Navigates Her Way out of the Forest with the DOTS911 App

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We've been asked several times how our phone app leads users back to their car, hotel, home, or some other safe location without requiring data service.  We put together a video of a first time user to help you understand how it works.

We took Joan Luthra a half mile into the forest in Big Basin, CA and asked her to use the DOTS911 Signal Finder App to lead us back to civilization.  Joan had never seen the DOTS911 phone app before this hike.  As mentioned in a previous post, it only takes a mile jaunt into the wilderness before most people become hopelessly lost.  Watch Joan's get our of the forest and out of trouble in her first experience using our app in this video.

We didn't focus on this with Joan, but pay attention to the color of the dots she follows.  The yellow dots not only tell her which way to go, but that she can make a phone call when she reaches them.  If she used our signal enhancer she could probably make a call from some of the red dots as well.

This demonstrates one of many uses for our hardware and software.  You might more often use the app to get back to your parking spot at a busy mall or movie theater.  The DOTS911 Signal Enhancer might be most commonly used to make sure you don't have any poor audio or dropped calls at home, or to accelerate your data connection.  However, if you have an emergency our hardware and software can shift from making your day more convenient to saving your life.

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